Sales & Coaching Effectiveness in Banks & Credit Unions

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Sales & Coaching Effectiveness in Banks & Credit Unions

asian business executives shaking hands in office.If you lead in a Bank or Credit Union, you know you must be forever vigilant about the sales, service, and coaching skills of your people.  Customers and competitors require more and more in order for your organization to survive and thrive.  Our approach at Burroughs Consulting is to equip your staff with the skill and the will to stand out from the competition.  And we equip your managers at all levels to show, teach, and coach your people for ever-increasing results.  Below is a sampling of the learning experiences we offer.  In addition to these core programs, we offer sales culture consulting, customized training solutions, one-on-one coaching and virtual reinforcement.

Sales & Service Culture Assessment, Planning, & Full Execution

Retail Sales & Coaching Curriculum

Business Sales & Coaching Curriculum

Contact Center Sales & Coaching Curriculum


Key Outcomes of Sales Effectiveness Training

  • Branch staff, contact center staff, and business account managers will conduct far more productive conversations with customers and sell deeper into customer relationships.
  • Retail branches and contact centers should see increased sales per customer interaction, increased products per household, improved account retention and increased net promoter scores.
  • Business account managers should see increased loan volume and margins, increased fee income from cash management and treasury referrals, improved account retention, and greater customer profitability.
  • Because managers must master the skills to which they coach, they will be able to role-model powerful conversations with customers.

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