Managing Generational Differences

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Managing Generational Differences

People often judge each other and make assumptions based on age differences (as well as other aspects of diversity). Organizations cannot afford to lose the knowledge of older employees. Nor can they afford to alienate younger employees who bring much-needed energy and innovation to the company. Effective managers learn to leverage both. Managers must take the lead in demonstrating tolerance for generational differences. As importantly, they must find ways to leverage the differences to build a stronger team.


Key Outcomes

Managers and supervisors will consciously and actively build relationships between employees from different age groups and leverage the knowledge, skills, and perspectives of each. Teams and organizations should see an increase in productivity, innovation, knowledge transfer and retention of top talent.

Target Populations

  • Managers and supervisors at all levels
  • Intact teams with a variety of age groups who must work together

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Managing Generational Differences Fact Sheet 

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