Case Study: Improve Goal-Setting and Coaching Practices

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Improve Goal-Setting and Coaching Practices

Research & Development Division of Consumer Products Company

Business issue: Beat the competition in complying with growing government health regulations through research & development

  • Consulted with R&D SVP and Manager of Business Processes to plan organizational restructuring, improve senior team collaboration, enhance leadership effectiveness, and implement coaching practices
  • Conducted several situation reviews, designed and facilitated planning meetings, designed, developed and facilitated retreats and workshops on issues such as strategy planning & execution, team-building, goal-setting, and communication
  • Implemented Burroughs Consulting workshop entitled Collaborative Coaching during which entire leadership team mastered coaching in support of goal-setting, performance improvement, and performance review processes
  • Installed processes for monitoring the frequency and quality of coaching practices
  • Consulted with internal Project Management Team in the creation and implementation of consistent project management processes
  • Certified Manager of Business Processes to serve as internal coach
  • Provided executive coaching services over extended period to several internal leaders (in person and by phone)

Outcome: Increased accountability through improved goal-setting and coaching practices; critical R&D projects on track