Case Study: Improve Customer Service Efficiency

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Improve Customer Service Efficiency

State Government Agency

Organizational issue: Execute aggressive strategic plan focused on risk management, customer service, efficiency, and knowledge transfer

  • Facilitated management team in developing consistent management practices with a focus on rigorous one-on-one coaching
  • Implemented Collaborative Coaching Workshop for all levels of management in support of goal-setting, performance improvement, and performance review processes
  • Certified Chief of Staff and head of Learning and Development to serve as internal Master Coaches so that they can monitor and observe the coaching performed by managers, provide feedback, and ensure results are achieved
  • Consulted with Chief of Staff, HR Chief, and head of Learning and Development on how to sustain management practices to include quarterly Coaching Advice sessions, and tracking of activities
  • Consulted with head of Learning and Development in building an on-going leadership development strategy to include addressing problem performers, goal-setting, leading change, managing generational differences, managing conflict, team building, problem solving, and interpersonal communication

Outcome: Successful reorganizations, improved risk oversight, development of knowledge transfer plans; other outcomes in early stages