Bonnie Burroughs

Bonnie Burroughs
Bonnie BurroughsFounder and President, Burroughs Consulting, LLC
Seasoned and sought-after Consultant, Executive Coach, Instructional Designer, and Facilitator with a focus on business execution and talent development.



Bonnie M. Burroughs, founder and owner of Burroughs Consulting, is the consummate consultant and training professional. With 30 years of experience improving human performance, Bonnie understands that consulting, like leadership, is all about relationships. Bonnie has created successful learning and management solutions for dozens of small and large organizations in a variety of industries, including financial services, large equipment manufacturing, defense contracting, U.S. government agencies, state agencies, and family-owned businesses.

Bonnie and her team also have extensive experience in one-on-one executive coaching. Individual leaders of all levels, from executive vice president to store manager, have become more focused, productive, and collaborative as a result of the coaching they have received.

Raised on a farm in the Midwest, Bonnie values keeping things practical and down-to-earth. Bonnie is known for her ability to build credibility and rapport with challenging and highly experienced leaders as well as with first-line supervisors and salespeople. She is recognized by other consultants and by clients as an expert in coaching practices and in creating outstanding learning experiences for participants. She currently resides in Chapel Hill, North Carolina…also knows as “the Southern part of heaven”.

  • Post-Graduate Coursework in Psychology, The Fielding Institute; Santa Barbara, CA, 1994–1998
  • Master of Arts, Communication, University of Missouri (minored in adult education)
  • Bachelor of Arts, Communication, University of Missouri, Phi Beta Kappa
  • Completed MBTI® Qualification Program through Dr. Roger Pearman, Ed.D.
  • Completed numerous workshops and seminars on executive coaching, organization development, instructional design; certified in the DISC and SKILLSCOPE from Center for Creative Leadership

Leadership is about relationships—between customers and employees, among employees, and between leaders and the followers they serve. Managers at all levels must focus on the day-to-day behaviors that reinforce trust and accountability.

Coaching is a key practice to perform without fail and with skill. Coaching conversations build a culture in which human beings thrive and achieve the goals of the organization.”

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Meet Our Associates

Bonnie Burroughs will be your personal consultant and lead facilitator and will bring in associates when specific expertise is needed and/or when more sessions need to be run quickly. Please meet our highly qualified and experienced associates…

Ron Ottavio
Ron Ottavio
Ron’s experience as an executive in financial entities such as Signet Bank, Wachovia, and Wells Fargo makes him a highly credible facilitator and coach to senior leaders in financial organizations.  He has also served as a Chief of Staff to the Treasurer of the State of North Carolina. Ron also serves as President of his own firm called The Ottavio Group which provides consulting services in knowledge transfer, performance management, and succession planning.


Nancy Moore
Nancy Moore
Nancy has led innumerable successful workshops through Burroughs Consulting on the topics of sales and sales coaching for professionals in banks and credit unions.  She has also served as an executive coach and as a facilitator of leadership retreats for leaders of large multinational organizations across the globe.
John Mehalek, Jr.
John Mehalek, Jr.
A North Carolina State University graduate with a degree in Political Science and a heavy concentration in business administration, John has experience in both the private and public sectors. John also serves as Director of Client Relationships and Operations for The Ottavio Group.
Carol Franklin
Carol Franklin
Carol has proven her ability to achieve goals and manage organizational change within the financial services industry.  With particular expertise in contact centers, Carol has also led numerous service, sales, and coaching workshops to improve account retention as well as inbound and outbound sales.

Our Clients

In addition to the many direct client relationships established under Burroughs Consulting, Bonnie has served as a sub-contractor and design, facilitation, and executive coaching resource for The Forum Corporation, Right Management, Omega Performance and the Ayers Group. In that capacity, she has worked with leaders in some of the largest corporations and federal government agencies in North America.